Forever Fosters, Unavailable Bullies, and Rainbow Bridge Bullies.


A "Forever Foster" is a dog that will remain in the care of Bee is for Bully to live out the last days of his/her life being spoiled and given the very best medical care possible.  Often times they are seniors (like Bob) or they have an illness that we feel it too sensitive or severe to risk moving him/her from foster to adopter.


An "Unavailable" bully is a dog that will remain in foster because they display signs of aggression that we feel makes him/her a danger to others.  In these cases keeping them in a home that is not only experienced enough to be able to handle such a dog, but also understands the risks at hand.


Both Forever Fosters and Unavailable Bullies fall under the responsibility of Bee is for Bully therefore we are always thankful when someone makes a donation in their behalf.  


A Rainbow Bridge Bullie is a bullie that is no longer with us here on earth but will forever remain in our hearts.

Turbo - Unavailable.



It has been a very long time since I have updated you all on Turbo (aka Bubbalicious). Since biting both my husband and I we have done some research (for lack of a better word) and it is clear that something very traumatic happened to him once (or consistently) in the evening when being taken outside. Both times he bit us was when we were taking all the dogs out one last time before going to bed.


Today, we don't make him go out with the rest of the dogs and he is beginning to come out with us on his own. Now, when he comes out he's even coming up to us for some extra love. We are reinforcing his bravery on his terms which means that we approach him very calmly and quietly because whatever his owners did to him it was anything but calm and quiet. We think it was very aggressive and angry because he gave no warning AT ALL when he bit either one of us. There was no growl, lip lifting or warning snap. He went right to the straight serious bite sending us both the urgent care.


He is one of the sweetest, understated bullies I've ever met. He doesn't push himself into the thick of things and is just so happy to be near us (as you can see from this picture). He is wicked playful and loves to play with Cooper (adopted 08/16/2015), Penny Ann, and Gator (PA and G are our babies), and will bring me a toy so that I can play with him. I know you're asking yourself what I mean by "understated". He's not the typical English Bulldog that is a force to be reckoned with; he's quiet. A peaceful soul. We love him and his quiet nature (with the exception of playtime. Holy chaos Batman!!).


**Because he is unpredictable and has a bite history he will never be adopted. He will remain in our home as a forever foster until he's ready to cross the bridge. We hope that is many years from now.




We are sad to report that Turbo is very unpredictable.  He's almost always happy and sweet but then it's like a switch is flipped and he becomes angry.  So, due to this we are not allowing him to be adopted.  We have to ensure the safety of not only our adopters but our dogs.  If he were to bite someone he would be guaranteed a short future after.




Say hello to Turbo!


Turbo is a 16 month old English Buldog.  He was dumped at a high kill shelter by his family.  He is a tiny boy at only 35 lbs but if we were to weigh the love he has for everyone he meets he would be monster sized!!


Here's a note from his travel foster:


"Turbo stayed with us for a few days after we pulled him from the shelter. He went from being shy and bashful, to a big clumsy lovebug! His first night, he winced when we raised our hands to pet him, but he quickly realized he was surrounded by love. He discovered the joy of a tennis ball and would charge us making wookie sounds, dropping the ball to give us slobbery old man nibbles (all lips and hairy jowls), and jump on us happily. Every few minutes a huge head would plop on my lap for pets and kisses, then he would carry on his way. He's the sweetest, smartest big guy. He patiently waited by the door when he saw me grab my keys to walk him, he napped alongside me, ate dinner at the same time - making his trademark pig noises. He was truly a joy to foster these past few days & I am not ashamed to admit I cried when I handed him off to his next trip. He is a lover & the happiest little wiggly thing. So happy I could be a part of his journey!"

Bob - Forever Foster.



Bob is doing great! I'm happy to say he is one handsome little man now since he has put on some much needed weight and his hot spots cleared up. He is so affectionate and loving- he adores his greyhound sister, Penelope, and his feline brother, Guido. Every time I come home, he runs and bring me one of his toys, dropping it at my feet and looking up at me as if to say, here, I got this for you because I love you.Here's a picture of Bob "roaching." (That's a term greyhound lovers use when their dogs sprawl out on their backs with all four legs in the air- a sign of true contentment for a grey.) I guess Penelope taught him.


We think the best way to describe Bob is by posting an open letter to the people that dumped him at an incredibly high kill shelter written by his forever foster mom.


To the people that dumped their 11 year old bulldog at the high kill Miami Dade shelter:


I have just one question for you- why? Your Bambino, now my Bob, is an absolutely lovely dog. You must have loved him at one time- he knows how to sit, shake hands, doesn't get on the furniture, and is very affectionate and loving. He loves every person, dog, and cat we meet. He loves to play- he will chase a tennis ball until he collapses, plays a mean game of tug of war, and when we go for walks, he keeps up with his greyhound sister. If I even look his way, his stubby little tail wags furiously. Scratches behind his ears bring about absolute paroxysms of joy.

Other than issues due to neglect, he is healthy. Why didn't you feed him higher quality food so he isn't so thin and doesn't have so many open hot spots on his skin? Why didn't you treat his ear infections? Why didn't you treat him for worms? Had you planned for a while to get rid of him so you just stopped taking care of him? Do you now have a new baby? A new puppy? A new house? A new couch?


Part of loving a dog is being responsible for that dog's life until he or she goes to the rainbow bridge. For whatever reason- and there isn't a good enough reason in the world- you made the conscious decision to throw this loyal, loving dog away. A dog that was part of your life for more than a decade. If it wasn't for a group of caring people- people who never even knew your dog existed until last week- Bob would have died alone on a cold metal table surrounded by strangers. There are no words to express the contempt I have for you. You didn't even have the decency to have him put down while you held him in your arms so the last thing he saw on this earth was your face and the last words he heard were your words of love.


Bob is my dog now. He will eat healthy food; he will get weekly soothing baths to treat his skin infections; he will get veterinary care when he needs it; he will sleep on a soft bed. He will live out the rest of his days surrounded by comfort and love, both human, canine and feline.


If you have children, which I sincerely hope you do not, you have taught them that it is acceptable to throw someone you love away when they get old. When you grow old, don't count on your children being there for you. Because of your example, they will believe leaving you at an old age home is enough. They will have fulfilled their duties as your children and can drive away with a clear conscience. Just like you drove away leaving Bob in that cage all alone to die.

Maddox - Rest in Peace



Hi everyone. This is Beth (Bee). What I’m about to write is very hard and through tears so before the mud starts being flung and the judgments are made I urge you to rethink those actions. The last 2.5 days have been some of the worst for all of us here at Bee is for Bully and not one moment of this has been easy or taken lightly. Not. One. Moment…. Please be respectful and if you would like to question our actions I welcome you to contact us directly either through by messaging us through this website or you can always email us at Hateful and/or nasty comments are not welcome here. Thank you.

Sometimes the reality of rescue is ugly.


Sometimes it is the most heartbreaking, difficult, exhausting, and excruciatingly painful task any person can do.


Sunday morning I received a call from one of our foster moms. Her foster, Maddox, had brutally attacked her husband over a ball. It was a very bad attack and when they called they were on the way to the hospital. They had tried to avoid going for Maddox’s sake however her husband was not only passing out, but he was also vomiting. There was no way around it.

Because of the severity of the wounds, the hospital had no choice but to contact Animal Control (I must mention that there were wounds from the attack that they hid from the emergency room staff…). They spoke with the Animal Control Officer (ACO) and arranged for him to visit their home on Monday. Throughout the rest of the day and evening Maddox was kept safely in his crate but still showed further signs of being unpredictable upon his evening walk, etc..


I received a call from the ACO yesterday morning and he explained that because of the severity of the bite and the behavior Maddox was displaying just with him being there that Maddox is much too dangerous to stay in that home and therefore needed to be quarantined at the Humane Society.


We made the incredibly difficult decision to have Maddox euthanized after the 10 day quarantine was complete. The Humane Society called me later in the day yesterday and they told me that they would be monitoring Maddox throughout the 10 day quarantine and if he seemed stressed or uncomfortable in any way that they would reevaluate him and do everything in their power to ensure that he is comfortable. She also explained that they give a sedative prior to the euthanasia and they talk to him and love him until he goes to sleep. Yes, I do believe them because this particular Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that quarantines for Animal Control when necessary, and the fact that she called me to explain everything was above and beyond.


This all brings me to another difficult decision we’ve had to make this morning. We received a call from the rescue coordinator of the shelter we were getting Katie from. Unfortunately she learned more about why Katie is at the shelter… She has a bite history.


After speaking with the foster home she was to go in, and discussing it with the board members, we made the decision not to take Katie. This absolutely breaks our hearts.

As a private non-profit rescue we just don’t have the resources to rehabilitate dogs that have bitten a human. More importantly, we cannot knowingly put our fosters in danger. Maddox’s foster mom told me that had he attacked her daughter the way he did her husband she is certain that her daughter would be dead, and remember, this is someone that was willing to quarantine him for the 10 days so she was not being dramatic at all….

As a rescue we want to do everything in our power to save the animals and find them wonderful forevers.


Unfortunately, sometimes we have to come to terms with the fact that we just can’t and that makes it hard to sleep at night. We feel as though we have failed them. Today, we have failed two; Maddox and Katie.




Ella is a picture perfect bully pup! She is smart as a whip and has learned certain actions are rewarded with treats and treats are Ella's guilty pleasure! She is crate trained and learning basic commands, along with house manners. She loves anybody and everybody, paws and feet alike. Coming in a close second to treats, Ella loves to tug on a rope or try and teach you how to fetch! Fetch isn't her strong suit yet but we are working on that. She will soon be utd on shoots and looking for a home to call her own.




Baby Ella was born on June 03, 2015 along with her two sisters.  Unfortunately, her sisters and her mom all died within 48 hours of each other.  


Ella is ready for adoption and her new family will be required to finsih her puppy shots and have her spayed by the beginning of November (unless we still have her in which case we will spay her).