Adopted Bullies 


Sammie is a gentle giant. Her big brown eyes match her sweet disposition. She is spayed and heart worm negative. She is house trained and crate trained. She knows basic commands and when food is involved she can be quite motivated to learn. She has grown up in a house with a wide variety of people and fosters of all ages and sizes. She makes friends easily and does enjoy the company of another dog. She still has some puppy in her, she loves to romp and play but she lacks the unwavering energy some bully's are known for. She is an enthusiastic critic of chewy things and on the occasion will take off with a wayward sock or shoe if she lacks something more constructive to put her teeth into. Sammie is a charmer and you won't be able to deny that if you meet her.

Walter White

Walter is an Olde English Bulldogge that comes to us from a high kill shelter in South Florida.  He was brought into the shelter with a bloody nose so he was placed in the medical wing which means that potential adopters would never see him.  After his stray hold was up one of our amazing volunteers went and picked him up.  Walter is incredibly emaciated (see the last picture) and seems to have been abused by a man.  He is quick to warm up though.  Here's what his foster parents have to say about him:


Welcome to foster Walter White!


When I first went down to the shelter to scope him out, he stole my heart instantaneously! I stuck my hand through the gate and he laid his head down in my hand almost immediately. Since he was in medical isolation separated from other dogs, he hadn't been tested for socialization so I asked if I could walk him. Luckily, they let me walk with him past several other dog runs and with about 20 other dogs of all sizes barking in his face he passed with flying colors! We haven't had a complete introduction to our dog at home yet, but just based on observation we would be absolutely shocked if they become anything other than snuggle buddies.


When he first came home after his neuter and vet exam, he was the single clumsiest bulldog we'd ever seen! We've replaced his cone of shame with a soft doughnut (only during crate time) so he's much more graceful!


Now that he's had a bath it's been a little easier to love on this projectile snarfing stinker, and boy did he stink! He is such a love bug and constantly wants to be touched. He took to me right away and follows me around the house. In fact he almost wound up at work with me this morning; he was by my side, touching my leg until I left and would've followed me straight to my car! (And who can resist that face?!) During his first socializing time out of the crate last night we speculated that he had been abused, likely by a man (possibly kicked frown emoticon frown emoticon frown emoticon , since he doesn't like feet in the air), at some point. He doesn't like surprises, flinches at unexpected touch, and was skittish when first interacting with foster Daddy Zac. If we raise an arm or pick up a leg, he shy's away so we are careful about movements and letting him come to us. Fortunately, it doesn't take much for him to establish trust! In the time it took me to shower, he had his face in his foster Daddy's lap, receiving some great face rubs and loving it! Amazing!


We are definitely looking to fatten him up; he is clearly malnourished, with each rib and vertebrate tangible and visible. He scavenges for food when he walks, so it's likely that he was a stray for quite some time before being picked up. He came into the shelter at 65 lbs, left at 80, and clearly still has meat to gain! We believe him to be half Olde English and half woolly mammoth! Can't wait to see how he blossoms!






This sweet little boy is in need of a loving home. He was almost put to sleep due to a knee injury that makes him walk a little funny. He is seven months old (Neutered) and very playful.  He loves playing with other dogs  and cuddling with kitties.  He enjoys getting some outside time where he can run around, chew on sticks and eat acorns. He's a social bug. He's a bit excitable but only because his brain works faster than his body does I think. He's good with other dogs and cats, and of course he loves people. He is crate trained and leash trained and he's not a big barker (huge bonus). He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He's just a silly, laid back kind of guy who's ready to find his way into someone special's heart and home.






Cooper is a very smart boy!  As soon as he discovers that his foster mom is getting either breakfast or supper together for the dogs he runs straight into his crate, gives a little noise as if to say "I'm in my crate like a good boy" and then lays down and patiently waits for his bowl.  


If you're active and you want a dog eager to please to go running with or to the beach to play in the water then Cooper is your man!!




Cooper is a very sweet 2 year old Pug/Boxer mix.  He is fully vetted and nothing short of a love bug.  He is very playful and needs a large, fenced in yard.  Because he is still full of energy he needs a home with children that are 10+ years old.  


We are working on his leash manners and how he greets people because he gets very excited :)


He is heartworm negative, up-to-date on shots, and neutered.  He is crate trained and housebroken.






What a story this boy has and he's only 2.5 years old!  Wrigley was purchased only to be a stud dog, but he person that bought him gave him to someone else at 6 months of age because her two Mastiffs were picking him up in their mouths and flinging him.  His next owner also got rid of him and gave him to yet another family, and they didn't keep him either.  Wrigley has been in FIVE homes already, not counting his foster home.


Sadly, Wrigley sustained injuries to his spine from being flung around and had begun to lose the function of his hind legs.  He has already gone through extensive water and laser therapy at the Parkland Animal Clinic in Parkland, Florida and he is doing so much better.  His foster home is continuing his therapy and specail exercises and he's doing great.  His new family should expect to keep exercising him and plan on the possibility of having to continue with laser and/or water therapy.






Please welcome RUBY to rescue!! Ruby was picked up on the streets of Fort Lauderdale and taken to Animal Control. Her "owners" contacted AC but were rather elusive. So, because of them she had to stay at AC longer than she should have. Turns out, she was a stray back in 2010 and was adopted by these same people from the same Animal Control!! They never bothered to get her this time so now she's safe with us!! 

This poor girl has terrible skin, bilateral ear infections, severe infections of both her tail area and her face folds. The cherry on the top is that she has what looks to be a burn on her back which is likely a severe allergic reaction to Frontline (or a similar product). She has had a bath and a shot of Convenia and Dexamethasone. She will spend some time in the care of our vet before she heads to her foster mom.


What an adventure we've been on since accepting Mikey into our program!!  Poor, poor Mikey.


His family had recently moved here from New York bringing Mikey, and his Great Dane sibling.  His family is starting up a new business and needed to travel to Canada for about two weeks and asked a relative to watch both Mikey and his Great Dane sister.


Long story short....  The relative gave away both dogs!!!  Coming to find out his name is actually his name is Mickey.  Anyway, when Mickey's dad threatened to call the police on the relative she contacted us.  She told us so many crazy stories!!  It wasn't until we finally spoke to Mickey's dad that we learned the truth.  How can anyone be so cruel!  Mickey has kids at home that miss he and his Great Dane sibling terribly.  Who does that to children?  Who does that to innocent animals?  


Mickey's dad is so excited to be getting him back home!  


Please send positive thoughts and prayers that Mickey's family can also get their Dane back.  

Ben (aka Benny)



Benny is doing very well in his foster home!  He loves his foster bully and is a very happy, well-adjusted boy.  He is currently being treated for heartworms with the slow-kill method and is handling it well.  This boy is going to make someone a very happy person!!




Meet sweet Ben (aka Benny)!  He is a very sweet, young bullie that loves to be around other dogs.  Ben came to us after he was found roaming the streets of a wonderful woman that knew he couldn't survive out there.  We were called and as soon as he was back at her home we ran right out there and picked him up.  It is very clear that Ben has never had any comforts of home.  He was terrified of the car, of the crate, of the leash, of walking though doorways.... You get the picture.  He went straight to our vet and our nightmares came true; Ben is heartworm positive.  That means that he will have to go through life threatening, extremely painful treatments.





Can you believe that the bullie in the first picture is the same boy in the third picture? CHEWY is the picture of health these days!! He is ready for adoption and waiting patiently for his new family. He is great with dogs and kids!! He's neutered, up-to-date on shots and heartworm prevention. Are YOU his new family???




After spending a month at the vet Chewy is no longer contagious and is thriving in his foster home.  He and his foster Frenchie sister are best friends and love to take naps together.  He is a very lucky, special boy!!  The secoond picture is of him with the wonderful woman that found him.  He is clearly feeling much, much better!




Chewy does have pneumonia for sure, Lyme disease, and Ringworm. He is finally on IV liquids that also have B-12, B Complex, Doxycycline, Baytril, and Famotidine. He will definitely need inhalation therapy as well.




URGENT!!!! A good Samaritan found this poor bullie in this position on the side of the road in Little Haiti (Miami). He is in heat shock and is being rushed to the vet for emergency treatment. For us to even walk in the door with this poor boy the vet is requiring a $750 deposit. I just hung up with Dr. Jimenez and gave him our bank card #. 


They suspect that he has pneumonia but we won't know for sure for a while because he is working on him. This is what the wonderful woman that found him told me when she called to confirm he was at safe at the vet and was being looked at.  The top picture is what he looked like when he was found.









I’m Tank or as my foster family calls me, Tanker.  This past January, I was abandoned at a kill shelter in New Orleans, LA.  Thankfully, they contacted Bee is for bully and I was picked up by my current foster family.  They had never cared for a bulldog before, and didn’t know what to do!  But I’m easy going and I don’t give them any problems at all.  Someone said I was having accidents inside, but I showed them!  I’ve been with my foster family for 4 months, and I’ve never had an accident in the house!  That would be nasty.  You see, when I got to the shelter, I was in a bad place.  I had ear infections, and eye infections, a big ol scary looking cherry eye.  My claws had grown so long, they curled around and were growing into the pads of my feet and that hurt and was infected! But it wasn’t half as bad as my arthritis.  My knees were creaking and my heart was hurting from being left.  I was happy to see someone, but I just couldn’t get up.  They carried me out to the truck in a towel.  They had kids!  I like kids!  And as we drove to my new foster home, I realized this might not be so bad. We pulled into the driveway and I forgot about my pain, I was ready to jump out and go explore!  My first hour in my new foster home was nothing but belly rubs on a cool kitchen floor.  I love belly rubs!  I love cool floors!


I got a comfy bed in a kennel of my own that I always go into when asked.  It’s my safe place and I don’t mind it at all.  Staying in my kennel for a few hours during the day when my foster family has to run errands is just fine with me, but they try not to stay gone too long so my arthritis doesn’t make me too stiff.  At night I appreciate having a cool floor to lay on so when I get hot in my kennel I can move out of it and cool off.


The morning after I arrived at my new foster home, I couldn’t get up on my own.  I needed help because my arthritis was just too painful.  They would put a towel around my waist and lift me up and help me out the door.  But sometimes, after I pottied, I just couldn’t stand to walk any further, and I’d lay down, so they would carry me back to the house.  Even though I couldn’t get around like I wanted to or needed to I would never have an accident in the house.  That would be nasty!


  Soon after arriving, it was time for the vet visit.  I don’t mind the vet.  I love any excuse to go for a ride!  I don’t like my foster mom’s car too much because its tiny and I get stuck in the back seat, but I love the big ol truck!  Whenever we go for walks, I always stop at the truck, just in case they decide they’d rather go for a drive.


The vet got to work on fixing me up!  My infections went away, and my paws healed up!  I got a fancy microchip and I got fixed.  I take supplements every day for my joints.  They’re yucky tasting, but I’ll eat anything if you cover it in peanut butter.  Sometimes, I get shots to help with my arthritis, but it’s all worth it because I feel 100% better!  I don’t even mind the shots.  I take them like a champ.  I can get up on my own now anytime I want with no help.  I even chase my foster families’ dogs around the yard!  I don’t have good vision but the moisture drops help keep my eyes from getting dry and scratched. 


A couple things about me…I love kids, and I also like other dogs.  The dogs in my foster home are Chihuahuas and they don’t like me at all.  Sometimes, they even snap at me just for saying hi!   I would never snap at them!  I just go on about my business.  I would love a family with another dog(s) for me to play with.  My foster family also has a cat, but I ignore it because that’s what you’re supposed to do with cats, right?  They have a rabbit!  I’d love to play with that thing.  Sometimes I go sit and stare at it in it’s rabbit yard, all fluffy and fun lookin…but when my foster mom says my name in that tone she has, I shake my head and walk away.  I’m very obedient.  I get treats when I obey and that works for me! 


My favorite spot is outside.  My fosters let me go in and out as I please when it’s not too hot outside.  I sit in the sun until I get hot and I appreciate a shaded concrete spot and a bowl of water so I can cool off after.  I love to go for rides and to places like Bass Pro and Petsmart!  I say hi to the other dogs there too.  Sometimes they bark, but I don’t.  I’m just happy to be there.  My foster parents make sure I don’t get too tired.  My arthritis can still hurt sometimes, so they keep that in mind when we walk and we don’t go too far.  I love bath time!  I love being brushed and getting belly rubs!  Also, my owners taught me some tricks.  I can shake!  And I can learn more too if you’d like!  I will stare at you while you eat.  I can’t help it.  My foster parents never give me table scraps.  Ok well, sometimes they do if its bacon or steak, but never until after they eat.  Don’t tell Bee because they’ll get in trouble!


There are two things I absolutely can’t stand.  I am not a fan of nail trims ever since mine grew so long and hurt my paws.  The vet does all my nail trims now, because she does it best.  Also, lawn mowers are the devil, and if one ever comes around, I will kill it for you, don’t worry! 

So, now I just need one thing.  Do you think you might be my forever family?  I can’t wait to meet you. 




More info to come on this boy....


Kali Sue



Please join us in welcoming Kali Sue to Bee is for Bully. This sweet, 6 month old Bulldog mix was being dumped at the shelter yesterday when a young man stepped in and intercepted her. He then gave another rescue 24 hours to find a foster home or she would be heading back to the shelter because the young man couldn't keep her longer than that. 

The other rescue ( tried everything they could to find a foster home and in a last ditch effort they contacted us. One of my favorite people, Elysia and her fiance, Teddy just lost their English Bulldog and took a leap of faith and agreed to foster Kali. Elysia says that she will likely do a lot of crying but she knows that this girl will also bring a lot of laughter and smiles.




Clover is settling in nicely now, despite some sadness and confusion the first night in her new foster home, evidenced by her cries. I'm happy to report that there is no more crying at all, even in the crate. 

Emmie and I have been doing our best to make her feel like one of the pack, and it seems to be working. Clover and her foster sissy Emmie get along fantastically, and I can tell that Clover can't wait to be healed from her spay operation so that she can really run and play with someone who can keep up with her. 

Clover is picking up potty training very quickly, along with crate training. That's her house and she knows it and loves it already, going in there in her own. 

Clover is learning very quickly that just because something is on the floor, doesn't mean it's hers. Despite being a ball of energy, Clover is a quick learner and a good listener. Emmie seems to be showing her the ropes around here, and it's adorable to watch. 

Some good lovin' and structure seem to be all Clover needs to become a well rounded Miss Bulldog. It's already made a world of difference, and we've only just begun!




We are amazed that Zoe hasn't been adopted yet! She has made leaps and bounds of progress from the first time she ever set a paw in her foster house.  This is what they say:


She is a fierce snuggler with kisses to follow. She is crate trained, house broke, utd on shots and spayed. She is smart and silly and is adored by her little foster bully sister and our doxie! Her motherly nature suggests that her ideal home wouldn't have small children. Zoe is a heart theif, you can't help but fall for this beautiful bully!




What a difference some good food, medicated baths, and love can make!  Zoe has blossomed in her foster home.  Zoe loves to learn new things and her only goal is to make her human happy.  She is a typical Pittie; she will do whatever it takes to make you proud of her.




Zoe is a very sweet girl that was found as a stray.  SHe was terribly emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks and FULL of hookworms.  She remained at our vet while working through the worms and other pests and healthy stable enough to be spayed.  She loves her humans and other dogs.  She is very playful and a total lovebug.  She will only be adopted to a family with children over the age of 14 because she is very protective of children.  She will play momma which means that if she doesn't like how a child is being handled or played with she will stand and growl so that you know that she's watching.   




She is ALWAYS smiling!!

Lila is such a sweet little girl. She has some skeletal issues, so it is difficult for her to get up, but once she is up, she does fine!! She loves people, but does not like other dogs and cats. She will be undergoing treatment for Heartworm, and will be spayed when her vet feels it's safe. When she went to the vet to get X-rays for her hind legs they did not anesthetize her, and said that they just had to get her to stop wagging her tail! Good luck doing that! This is one happy girl!




Sweet, sweet Lila!!  This wonderful girl is comes to us from a shelter in Georgia.  She has some prety serious hip issues that we will be getting evaluated at the University of Florida.  She's also heartworm positive.  Even with all of her problems she is nothing short of a lovebug. 






December 2015


Hi all!


Sorry it's taken so long to write.  You see since I've been rescued I needed to regain my strength.  For those of you that don't know me let me start from the beginning.  My name is Bear (I think I seem to have quite a few) I'm a 4 year old English Bulldog and I can't seem to remember the specific details of those first 4 yrs. That's okay because I don't think I want to.  All I can say is they were horrible and I lived in awful conditions, but I got OUT!! Yes I did and I ran and ran and ran!  All I remember is I got hot, so very hot, but I didn't care because I was freeeeeee. 


The world gets very foggy, and I get very tired, then these wonderful people found me and they took me somewhere where I was given shelter.  They told me to hang on because life would get better, and it did!!  Better then I ever imagined. I wanted to be a good boy so I listened I fought all night to stay awake and "hang in there", the angels at the shelter told me everyone was praying for me so I prayed too. 


The next  morning I heard it for the first time !!! I was RESCUED!! I would be a Bully Bee!!! This nice lady came and scooped me up. She was a busy bee rushing to get me to a place called vet before my eyes could close forever (the angel lady at the shelter was unsure if I would even make it to the vet...).  The nice lady kept telling me that the vet would make me all better. I could barely move, but I was hanging on.  The nice lady was so worried about me, I could tell, but I was too tired to let her know I was going to be ok. 


The vet place was very nice they took good care of me.  They even made me a sled out of this fluffy thing and pulled me everywhere I needed to go. You see, my legs just didn't want to get up and go. My eyes were cloudy and hurting, my entire body ached and itched. Moving was so painful, breathing took so much effort... but I was a lucky one; I got RESCUED, and I promised to hang in there and that's what I did!!


A few days later I heard someone say "it's time to go home"... Home?? Oh no!  What's that?  The nice people taking care of me must have seen my worry because they told me not to look so frightened.  I was going to a foster home and that comes with a foster mommy and family all for me to get better so that I can find a forever family of my own. I was very excited on the inside but my body was just still too tired and hurt to show it ... hope this foster deal has a, fluffy thing to pull me around in. 


Then the foster mommy came for me just as I was promised!  I was so worried I was going to disappoint her that I just couldn't move. I lifted my head and one look in her eyes let me know I was going to be ok!  My foster mommy carried me from place to place.  Slowly I was able to take 4 steps but then plop!  She was there to pick me up again. 


I wasn't quite sure what to do with all the fluffy things I kept getting so I just pushed them out of the way. Oh yeah!  Yummy yummy food just appears for my delight!  I'm not used to all this, I mean, I don't even have to ask it just shows up. My foster mommy has a smaller mommy running around and I think I kinda like her a lot.  She gives me lots of squeezes and funny licks.... Oh!  And extra extra rubs .... so wonderful. I'm liking the foster place.  This is a good life.


Then the work started.. the mommy said I was too spoiled and it was time to get stronger; get up on my own 4 paws!! The mommy put me in this big bucket that splashes water and we did exercises, and got special soaks.  It was hard work but I promised so I did it. Guess what?! Before I knew it I was able to find the mommy on my own 4 paws!  She would get so excited when I peeked around the corner; I did it as often as I could. 


The mommy said I was strong enough for the vet again so one morning off I went.  It was a funny morning, the food never came and she kept telling me "it's for the best" and I would be OK ....  Later that day, after an extremely restful nap, I realized I was missing parts Oh my!  They took my friends away!!! The mommy came for me and boy was I upset!  Not for very long though because everyone raved about how wonderful I am doing and the vet said my vision is improving. The mommy was right about my ear because the vet said that ear still needed lots of work. 


I liked being pulled around on my sled so I acted like I couldn't walk to trick them into doing all the work for me but I slipped up.  I was so excited to see the little mommy I got up and ran to tell her be careful "they take your parts here. RUN"!! That was it for my sled and free rides.  Everyone just laughed.


That's all for now; the little mommy is calling me.


Love, Bear


December 2015


Chloe is just a young girl that is super crazy still.  lol.


Chloe wasn't being very nice to an older dog in her first family so they reached out to us to help her.  Her first family did everything they could think of to help Miss Chloe behave but she was just too stubborn and it was very bad for their older girl.  Imagine that?  A stubborn Bulldog!  HA!


Anywho, Chloe is in a wonderful foster home and besides being a crazy nut she's being a good girl,




Elsie had entropian surgery in both eyes today and also have four teeth removed.  She is recovering beautifully and will be ready for adoption very soon.


December 2015


This very sweet girl loves her foster mom's Christmas tree.  She can be seen curled up under it every chance she gets.  Elsie is about 4 or 5 years old and is a squishy hunk of love and affection.  We are so happy she has joined our family. 

Edna - Special Needs



Edna is a ten month old old English bulldog full of life!  Edna does has spina bifida which requires a little extra but she is worth it!


Wearing a pull-up with a suspender and pants in the house. While going commando outside to play!  Edna has no bladder or bowel  control.  Her bladder may need help with expression several times a day but it is easy to do and she is great for it!


Right now the lil ball of energy is on Royal Canin S/O to help with urinary issues and keep stones at bay.


Edna is a lover! She wants to be on top of her human or hanging by your side.  When it comes to other canine companions, a submissive friend would be best.  We are working on our manners with toys and Edna is coming along.


Structure, consistency and time are all this lil lady needs!! 



Sweet Rico has had FOUR owners in the last year so we will be even more selective than usual (if that's even possible) in finding his FOREVER home. His next home will be his last and best.


Rico is a 1 year old neutered male. He has had professional training which makes him an absolute dream on a leash. He is kennel trained, house trained and loves having a doggie door so he can go in and out as he pleases. He gets very "hoppy" when hes excited and has a tendency to look like a bouncing bunny. Hes very vocal, so when playing tug- a- war he can sound mean. He will literally put a toy or rope in your hand when he wants to play.

He is always happy and thinks all humans love him!! Only time hes grumpy is when food is involved with other dogs. Otherwise you could literally take the food out of his mouth without so much as a blink of his eye. He LOVES to sleep on the bed with you! I honestly thought he would make a great service dog because of his cheerful and loving personality. We just want what's best for him. He is such a precious boy.

Rico and Corrie.jpg