Adoptable Bullies 


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Rhino came to us because his family was worried about his safety.  You see, Rhino's mom runs a horse rescue and Rhino liked to try to play with the horses.  Unfortunately, everyone got a little too excited and Rhino was stepped on and his leg was broken.  

You would think that would have been enough to keep him at a safe distance from the horses, but it wasn't.  So, his family decided it would be safer for him to be away from the farm and in a home without horses and other farm animals.

Rhino is going on 4 years old and although he is well behaved, he can be a bit bossy so he needs an experienced Bulldog adopter.

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These four female puppies are American Bulldog/Olde English Bulldog mix; best to our knowledge.

Their adoption fee is $300 with an additional $100 security fee that will be returned once proof of spay is provided. She must be spayed by 6 months of age. 



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Pinkie Tuscadero

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